Michael Lewandowski



Hometown: Chicago, IL

  • Major: PRAD

  • Minor: Public Law and Political Thought

  • Year: Senior

  • Social Media: Facebook | LinkedIn

Hi! My name is Michael Lewandowski, and I’m a Senior in the PR and Advertising program at DePaul. Some interesting things about me - I grew up between homes in Glenview and Jefferson Park, Chicago, I am a fluent speaker of Polish, and I’ve traveled to over 20 countries in four continents. I intend to break into the Advertising industry as an Account Manager or Strategist following graduation, but also have a flirty relationship with law school and plan on attending after Undergrad. 

As an individual, I value communication as a tool for bringing people together and garnering opportunities for success. Like many other College of Communication students, I truly believe that communication is the foundation to any successful endeavor, be it in the private or public sphere of one’s life. 

I am excited and honored to serve as the Treasurer of this organization and look forward to working with students and professionals who share my passion for Advertising and beyond.