How to Pay: Dues

Listed below are instructions for how to pay your Quarterly Dues to secure membership with TAS:

  1. Visit the Office of Student Involvement at DePaul’s Lincoln Park Campus (contact info is linked here).

  2. Inform the desk attendant that you would like to pay dues to The Ad Society. The attendant will not be aware of the payment amount. You will need to communicate the following:

    • Your name

    • The organization’s name - The Ad Society

    • The payment amount - $15 per quarter*

  3. A receipt should be provided for you following your payment. If not, be sure to ask for a receipt or record of your payment. Our Treasurer will need this in order to confirm your membership.

  4. Submit receipt and payment information to Michael Kropp at as soon as possible, or directly to him at General Body or upon arranging a meeting (cash only!)

*You may pay for more than one quarter at one time, making your payment up to $45 for the entire academic year. Should you choose this option make sure to communicate that with Michael Kropp when submitting receipt and payment information.

As mentioned in the Dues Memo, you may also bypass this process by arranging a meeting with myself and paying dues in cash only. REMEMBER: the last day to pay your dues is February 7, 2019. Again, please reach out to the email address listed above to do so.

How to Pay: Agency Visits

On the day of an agency visit, please bring your payment in CASH. This goes directly to Michael Kropp.