michealjon green, the ad society president

Michealjon Greene - President


  • Hometown: Lincoln, DE

  • Major: PRAD, Film and Television

  • Minor: Screenwriting, Organizational Communication, and  Legal & Public Affairs Communication

  • Year: Junior

  • Social Media: Instagram@discovermicheal | Linkedln

Hello! My name is Michaeljon Greene, but everyone calls me Michael. I am a first-generation student, and the son of a military veteran and immigrant business woman. Day in and day out, I have tons of random facts going through my brain. Additionally, in the words of Ego from the Disney movie Ratatouille, “I don't like food - I love it!”  

I aim to inspire people with my bold goal: To build a world in which the clear majority of people go home every day feeling fulfilled by their work. I want to be a person that inspires people to do the things that inspire them. I enjoy talking about different channels of communication and communication theories. Some of my favorite topics are nonverbal communication, interpersonal communication in the workplace, and the social penetration theory.

My core "why" in life is to be a captivating storyteller with the ability to affect people in a visceral manner, shown through producing direct action that increases company or project results. Easily overlooked, the power of effective communication is unparalleled. I aspire to innovate all fields within the marketing communication world, but I really enjoy copywriting, entertainment producing, account planning and media planning. Come chat with me about all things marketing communication! 

 ashtyn farrell, the ad society vp of internal affairs

Ashtyn Farrell - VP of Internal Relations



Hello DePaul! My goal is to shape The Ad Society into a well-run, informed subculture of the university. I am more than happy to talk industry trends with anyone! Along with The Ad Society, I am a part of Alpha Kappa Psi-- the leading business fraternity at DePaul. My passions lie in account management, fashion, cycling, and film. When I’m not interning or participating in my student orgs, you can find me biking on the 606, listening to 70s/80s rock, chillin' at La Colombe, or scrolling through Instagram. Hope to see you in TAS!

 micheal lewandowski, the ad society treasurer 

Micheal Lewandowski - Treasurer 


  • Hometown: Chicago, IL

  • Major: PRAD

  • Minor: Public Law

  • Year: Senior

  • Social Media: Facebook | LinkedIn

Hi! My name is Michael Lewandowski, and I’m a Junior at DePaul. I am a Chicago native that grew up between homes in Glenview and Jefferson Park, Chicago. Some unique things about me are that—I am a fluent speaker of Polish, I’ve traveled to over 20 countries in four continents, and I have a wealth of trivial knowledge. This is my third year studying Public Relations and Advertising at DePaul. I intend to use my degree to create a career for myself in the Advertising industry as an Account Manager or Strategist following graduation. 

As an individual, I value communication as a tool for bringing people together to complete all types of goals in a mutually beneficial way. Like many other College of Communication students, I truly believe that communication is the foundation to any successful endeavor, be it in the private or public sphere of one’s life. Other important values to me are my cultural upbringing as the son of immigrant parents, maintaining an optimistic outlook on life itself, and experiencing new places and things through world travel.

I am truly excited and honored to serve as the Treasurer of this wonderful organization and look forward to working with any and all students and professionals with a passion for the Advertising world.

 sloan jones, the ad society executive assistant 

Sloan Jones - VP of External Relations


  • Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

  • Major: PRAD 

  • Year: Senior

  • Social Media: Twitter - @sayitaintsloan

I am a Junior focused on the ad side of the PRAD program. This summer I will be interning for Popskull Chicago, working on accounts and new business. I live in Wrigleyville supporting my favorite team, The Chicago Cubs. My specialties are social media (follow me on Twitter), interior design (check out my apartment on Instagram), and satire. Other than The Ad Society, I am a member and current VP of Delta Gamma. In the future, I hope to own a wiener dog named Tony and live on Lake Shore Drive. 

 james daniel cox, the ad society vp of comminication

James Cox - VP of Marketing



You'll usually find me sipping my 2nd cold-brew of the day, while creating something on my Macbook. Otherwise, I'll be exploring Chicago and capturing photographs on cameras twice my age. I'm a curious reader, an avid hip-hop fan, and a grailed.com regular. I'm also a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi - The premiere professional business fraternity. As for The Ad Society, i'm tasked with every aspect of branding of the organization. 

I found my passion for advertising at the beginning of my sophomore year, and haven't taken my foot off the gas pedal ever since. After school, I plan to work as an Art Director within a big-name ad agency.