The Ad Society is place were the brightest DePaul students come together as a family to create the future of advertising. To bring us closer together while simulating a real agency structure, we created department: close knit communities of members with corresponding interests and career goals.


Account Management

This department acts as the liaison between the client and the agency. They essentially work to keep the client happy, making sure their needs are always met and act as both a project manager and overall organization specialist. Account Executives are incredible communicators and even more refined listeners who advocate for both the agency and client through consistent communication.

Account Planning

Being in Account Planning, otherwise known as Strategist or Planner, works to bring the consumer’s mind into the development of advertising. Strategists and Planners get to be the driving force behind the client’s unique brand and steer the overall direction of advertising for the creatives. Those who gather key consumer insights and close observations are great for this role, and having strong writing skills to construct the creative brief is pertinent.


Creative Directors get to make the visual communication decisions that convey the overall aesthetic and design of the communication piece. From concepts to to final prints, they oversee the creative work from start to finish and collaborate closely with the art directors and copywriters along the way.

Art Director

These members act as the creative department’s eyes to visually convey the big picture or idea of the ad. In order to do so, Art Directors have a thorough understanding of design, working with closely Copywriters to make a cohesive message through advertising.


Copywriters are the wordsmiths of the industry, as they write the words to everything you see and hear in an advertisement. Art Directors and Copywriters work in tandem to make sure that their words and visuals coincide.


Sometimes the media department is just a whole separate agency because their work is so important, especially in today’s world wherein media shapes our cultures and societies. However, the Media department is responsible for media planning, which involves copious amounts of research to make sure the media used will align with consumer insights, as well as media buying, which takes the conducted research to purchase media space that will benefit the client to the fullest extent.


Photographers, videographers, editors, designers, directors and many more are the roles within the production department. Depending on what type of media is being produced, there can be varying roles for each set, but these people are the ones who execute the work to best fulfill what the creative brief entails.


This department is the foundation for each campaign, and those who are constantly wanting to find out more and are always thorough exceed as researchers. These people are generally pretty good with numbers when it comes to doing quantitative research, and also produce in-depth results for qualitative research, and are continually asking questions throughout the primary and secondary stages of research. Once they have analyzed their findings, they pass them along to Planners and Strategists, who then find the consumer insights.


Traffic is the perfect entry level position for anyone who’s just graduating college and wants to work in an agency. This position lets you get your hands on work in all departments, contributing to each as needed. Although the work might seem mundane at times, like ordering the pizza for the creatives who are staying late at the office, you have the ability to stay curious and tag along on sets, check out the retouching room, and figure out where you see yourself in the agency.