AdVentors @ Chicago Portfolio School

by Michelle Krichevskaya

The thought of graduating with a degree in advertising and finding a job as a creative at an agency can be daunting. What if they don’t like my campaigns? I only have one campaign! What do recruiters want to see in my book? As an aspiring creative there are a lot of questions that are probably whirling through your head. The good news is your education doesn’t have to end after undergrad. There are several portfolio schools around the country, and lucky for us DePaulians, one right in our backyard: Chicago Portfolio School (CPS).

This past Friday, Chicago Portfolio School welcomed The AdVentors to their lovely River North space. They gave us a tour, fed us brain food (pizza), and told us about how they help aspiring creatives reach their career goals. It personally put my mind at ease to learn there was a program in Chicago that helped you build and polish your portfolio over the course of a year. Here are five things I learned at the CPS visit.

  1. Chicago Portfolio courses are taught by mentors currently working at agencies around Chicago.

  2. The CPS program is one year (four quarters) long with an optional fifth quarter to learn how to market yourself, your book, and ultimately land your dream job.

  3. CPS holds portfolio reviews, networking events, and fun social mixers to bring the students closer to each other and industry experts.

  4. In order to be successful in the program, you have to treat it like a full time job. The students that put in the most work get the best product to show off in the end.

  5. The CPS program is not easy. You work on about a campaign per week, but you learn to work quickly and effectively, and create successful campaigns for real brands.  

Anyone can make a website, but not everyone can fill it with successful ad campaigns that will help them land a job right out of college. Chicago Portfolio School is a great option for people who are passionate about the creative side of advertising, but don’t quite have the skills, experience, or book to support their passion just yet. Check out for more information about the school and program. Would you consider a portfolio school like CPS?