The Ad Society (TAS), has an established network of professionals and an extensive pool of resources to help you have a resume that conveys who your are and stand out in the pile. We leverage local and national connections for our members to ensure they find the dream job they are looking for.

Agency Visits & Workshops

The best way to learn and breathe advertising is by diving head-first into the culture that surrounds us. Chicago is home to numerous prominent tech, marketing, media, and advertising agencies. Dues paying members are given priority registration, and a reduced fee for all agency visits. Understanding company culture, structure, and the niche attributes of a company can’t be discovered from the outside. The opportunity to visit agencies of all sizes and connect with potential employers will help your decision for internships and post-graduation application.

Additionally we want to make sure you are career ready. Through our workshop we provide information workshop that allow members to get a better understanding of the industry. The biggest thing we always hear is that people learn more in an internship than four years in the classroom. The Ad Society family shares that information with our members. Workshop will give you the ad basics, mentorships, 1:1 feedback, resume and cover letter critiques and much more.




The Advertising Industry like many others industries is all about who you know. Whether looking for your job, an internship, or global connections The Ad Society is here to help. Our club’s network allows for you to get the recommendation that you need in order to stand out from other applicants. Our members only events ensures you are able to network with professionals both domestically and globally.

Ad Member Resources

Internships, trade skills, inside knowledge, and prep for life after college is just the beginning for our members. With exclusive content for our members we allow for you to make the most out of your time with us. Members who pay dues have access to a variety of extra resources such as resume, and cover letter templates, advice, and planning help. 



Advertising Scholarship Network & Study Abroad

Dues paying member grants you access to our network of trade affiliate scholarships. Plus, our faculty advisers lead several of the global study abroad trips fro DePaul University. From Spain, France, Netherlands, Taipei, Tokyo, Argentina, and several other destinations you have the ability to get a global perspective of advertising, branding, and integrated marketing communication.