Agency Visits


The best way to learn and breathe advertising is by diving head-first into the culture that surrounds us. Here you will be able to sign up for our upcoming agency visits.


  1. If you sign up for an agency visit and miss it, you will be banned from the next 2 visits. If it’s the last visit of the quarter, it will roll over to the next quarter.

  2. Communicate to e-board if you are coming late or leaving early at least 24-hours in advance. There is no penalty, but we would appreciate an email letting us know when you’ll be arriving/leaving.

  3. We will always meet at Brownstones beforehand and leave at approximately 9:15am (unless otherwise noted in the confirmation email.) We will not allow members to meet us at the agency unless it is communicated to e-board and approved within 24-hours of the visit.


Friday, October 25th: 9 AM - 12 PM